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5 Healthy Habits into the New Year

Hi babes!

Welcome to 2019. I'm here today to share 5 habits that I've pi

cked up to make this year and years to come, happier and healthier for myself. These are things that have worked for me and my lifestyle, but may not work for you and that's ok! If you're interested, keep reading.

1. Waking up earlier. This has been a little hard on me, because I already get up at 6am for work. I've been practicing waking up at 5:40 (yes, just 20 mins earlier lol) and it's been a struggle some mornings. Realistically, I get up, hit snooze once lol, and then start my morning off with prayer and a glass of water. Once I'm dressed for work, I'll fix my lunch, my water, and my coffee for the day and depending on time, check my emails and social media accounts. This helps me get stirred around and focused on what the day will bring me.

2. Cooking meals at home. I LOVE to cook but let's face it, how easy is it to stop at McDonalds or Wendy's on the way home and grab some chicken nuggets instead of getting home, preparing your food, and finally sitting down to eat it. I've made it a personal goal of mine to only eat out once (if any) a week instead of whenever it was convenient for me. I often use HelloFresh(use this code for $40 off your first box!) some weeks to get new meal ideas and it's nice to have all of the materials provided already.

3. Money Managing. Last year I was pretty good with managing my money but in August, I had a family emergency which took away most, if not all of my money and savings. I'm still working through it and found a neat little money saving chart online. Each week, you add money into your account, so the first week of the year(or whenever you decide to start) you deposit $1, then week 2 is $2, week 3 is $3 and so on and so forth. To kind of speed up the process, I use that model as a minimum for me. So week one instead of just depositing $1 into my account, I had a left over $130 that I deposited. This week with I'm going to deposit at least $2 but in reality, it'll be whatever money I have left over. This money will be used to build my savings account and once I get a substantial amount, I'm going to put half in my account for this blog and upcoming events, and start the process over. I’ll also have a post up next week on the apps I use to make extra cash!

4. Read more. I love to read and last year was a good year for me when it came to reading, but as always, I feel like it could have been better. This year I'm going to start documenting the books that I read through GoodReads so that I can hold myself accountable and hopefully read 100 books this year.

5. Vegetarian. So I haven’t committed fully, but this month I’ve been eating plant based. I have been incorporating seafood some days because I’m human, and going cold turkey(no pun intended) from meat had been more dificult for me than I thought it would. It’s been a lot of fun preparing new meals and since my last post, im down a couple pounds and my clothes are fitting much better! I’ll be sharing some food posts in the weeks to come as well as my Twitter and instagram (@xxcandy_coated) if you’re interested in seeing some of my meals!

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