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All Natural - Each & Every Deodorant

Hey babes.

I've being trying to dabble more into the natural scheme of things when it comes to body products. I was very skeptical to try this deodorant brand because I've tried some TERRIBLE natural brands in the past and believe me, smelling like a salami shop the first hour into work is NOT a good look.

I had heard a lot of positive feedback about Each & Every, so I decided to give them a try. Each & Every is aluminum free and uses things like natural oils and dead sea minerals to control odor. Quick disclaimer, I purchased these products with my own coin and am not affiliated with Each &Every in any way...unless they wanna work something out.

They have a lot of different scents to try like Coconut and lime, rose and vanilla, and a fragrance free one for the sensitive babes. If you are indecisive like myself, they offer a sample box with 4 mini scents to try, so I decided to go with that option. I got Cardamon and ginger, coconut and lime, citrus and vetiver, and juniper and mint. I ordered in the beginning of September because my plan was to try them over my birthday weekend since I wouldn't be at work. Unfortunately, something happened and end of October was here and I still hadn't gotten my products. I reached out to the customer service team and they were SUPER nice and got a replacement sent out to me ASAP.

The minis are....really mini lol I was expecting them to be small but not this small. I had read up on ways to detox before using a natural deodorant and I ended up not detoxing at all lol. I just decided "hey, I'm trying this today" and went for the coconut and lime first. They all smell amazing and my favorite scent is the one with ginger! I thought it might be a little too strong to start with lol which is why I picked the coconut and lime. I put some on under my arms and hoped for the best lol, I also put my Dove in my purse incase we needed something with the aluminum lol. I went through the whole work day without needing a touch up or anything! Then I decided to put it to the true test...the next day I went to a work out class after work. Again, the scent stuck with me and thee was no foul odor or anything. I am SO impressed with these deodorants and the formula and I can't wait to grab my full size!

Please let me know if you've tried Each & Every before,and if you haven't....what are you waiting for!



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