• Dana Harrell


Hey babes!

So while I was away, I was cooking up a few projects and collaborations. I'm excited to share that I'm the Experience Director with BlackWomenRVA, an organization in Richmond, Virginia that connects black women in the area together. We are a multifunctional social community that provides a space for black women of all ages with diverse subcultures

for the purposes of cultivating friendships, support systems, promoting acknowledgements, building clientele and creating lifetime experiences of fun and adventure.

As Experience Director, I'm in charge of getting the events that we host around the city. If you're located in Richmond, we have a brunch each and every month and we do wine meet-ups, yoga in the park, and much more! Connect with our main instagram page at to keep up with the current events!

If you'd like to collaborate or work with us with anything, or if you're interested in joining the team(we are currently looking for a secretary and social media interns), please email

Are you involved in any fun projects? Drop a comment down below all about it!

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