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Cooking with Dana - Shrimp Peperonata Pasta

Hey babes! I know, I know, I's been a minute. I needed a moment to gather myself and focus on my family and their health. I'm so grateful to everyone who has stayed with me. Y'all the realest! I'm finally back to deliver some great posts and reviews and you can expect a new post each and every Saturday!

This post isn't sponsored by HelloFresh, but the dish came from HelloFresh. I've been a faithful subscriber for a little over a year now, and I really enjoy the service. I get 3 delicious meals delivered to my door and I feel like I'm on Masterchef when I cook up the dishes. At the end of the post, I'll have a coupon code for you to get $40 off of your first box if you're interested!

So let's get right into it. The meals come in a labeled bag, with all of the ingredients that you need. The first thing I did was bring a pot of salted water to a boil. I washed all of the veggies and cut everything up. Once my water started boiling, I added the penne and cooked it for about 10 minutes. I like my pasta al dente, but you can cook your pasta to your liking. I went ahead and threw the vegetables into the skillet with a little oil and sautee'd them for about 5 minutes. Once you can smell the onions, they're good. I took my shrimp and pat them dry with a few paper towels and added my seasonings. I used oregano, salt, pepper, and some old bay. I'm sure that you can use chicken or whatever protein of your choice, to get the same delicious results. I threw the shrimp in with the vegetables and let them cook and marinate together for about 5 minutes. Once the shrimp turns pink, it's done(overcooking shrimp can make it turn rubbery).

Bringing it back to the pasta, once that's cooked and drained, I added the diced tomatoes, seafood stock, and the seasonings of my choice to the pasta and mixed it util it was well combined and tasted good. Then I added the shrimp and veggie mixture to the pasta and mixed everything together. And that's it guys. It was a super fast and simple meal to make and it was delicious.

Have you tried HelloFresh? Leave your experience or your favorite meal in the comments. If you're interested in trying out HelloFresh for yourself, use the promo code DANAPHAR during checkout for $40 off your first delivery! I can't wait to see what you make!

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