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Edge Naturale - Hair Vitamins

Hey babes! We are manifesting healthy hair all 2021 and beyond. I got the opportunity to work with Edge Naturale again (hope you got your Follicle Enhancer! If not, visit my post here) and try out their hair vitamins for fuller, thick hair. This is not a paid post, and I am sharing my opinion of Edge Naturale because I love the company!

So let’s start with my hair (because transparency is important). I’ve always had thick hair, even in my relaxed hair days. Once I went natural, I kept my thick texture, but my hair seemed to stay stagnant. It wouldn’t grow much and when it did grow, I would have split ends and have to cut most of it. The directions in the hair vitamins are to take two daily, preferably with food. Now sis...


I HATE taking pills y’all. And these pills are quite large, so I have only been taking one a day usually with dinner and with a lot of water. They have that...vitamin smell lol which isn’t terrible but isn’t the best smell in the world either. Maybe I’m a child, but I would have loved this as a gummy vitamin! But anyway, I started taking the vitamins around the end of February. I knew that I was getting my hair done early April and wanted to compare length from when I got it blown out in December vs. now. (First pic is December, second pic is from the beginning of this month)

My hair is healthier, shinier, and more full than December! I've been able to retain length and the strength of my hair is excellent now! These hair vitamins have been amazing for me. Make sure you go to to place your order ASAP and let Shantel know that Dana sent you!

What are some of your hair goals for 2021? Leave a comment down below!


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