• Dana Harrell

Healthy Hair with Shea Moisture's Power Greens

Hey babes. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these crazy times.

I've been working(I'm a childcare worker) and I've also been working with a few new campaigns. Everything that I promote, I've purchased and enjoyed myself. I'll always let you all know when I am an affiliate with a different company or brand and if I ever get compensated for things. This review is NOT sponsored at all. I received a voxbox from #Influenster free of charge, in return for my honest opinion. I was so hype to get this box with the WHOLE FULL SIZED Shea Moisture Power Greens line. I've been a Shea Moisture fan since going natural in 2011.

In my box, I got the Moringa & Avocado Shampoo, Green Tea Rinse, Conditioner, and Reconstructor. This came right on time, since I wanted a full line to wash my hair after applying heat. I started with the Shampoo. I made sure to focus the shampoo on my scalp and then used the rest of the lather for the ends of my hair. My hair revered right back to curly and the shampoo did a great job cleansing my scalp, without leaving it feeling stripped. Once I washed the shampoo out, I used the Green Tea Rinse. This was...ok lol it was basically water. It did lather up my hair again but I don't think it really helped or hurt my hair. I think I'll try the rinse again on those days where my hair isn't super filthy, but could still use some TLC. Then I used the conditioner in my hair, while in the shower, focusing on the length, body, and ends of my hair. I put a plastic cap over it and continued to wash my body. When I was all done, I rinsed the conditioner out and hopped out of the shower. I finally added the Reconstructor to my hair and used that as a leave in conditioner, and twisted up my hair in two strand twists like normal. My only complaint with the Reconstructor is that I wish it was thicker. I have thick hair and my hair tends to love thicker moisturizers.

I like to leave my twists in for a while as a protective style, so I kept the twists in for 2 weeks before untwisting. My twists stayed plump, juicy, and moisturized, and I'm currently on day 5 hair! This product line was amazing!

I left the direct link for each of the products in case you'd like to try. Thanks again #SheaMoisture and #Influenster!

xoxo Dana

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