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Maintaining my silk pressed hair

Hey babes.

Crazy times we‘re living in right now! Most of you are at home working or some of you (like myself) have been deemed “essential” and have been back and forth to work. Whatever the case, I hope that everyone is doing well and can take some time out each day to remember the things you are thankful for!

If you’re looking for a much needed distraction from the world, look no further. Today I’m sharing what I did to keep my hair straight for almost 2 months.

That’s right...I kept my natural hair straight for almost 2 months without putting any more heat to my hair. And my curls reverted right back when I washed my hair! Let’s get right into it.

1. Go to a professional or use the right tools for your hair. I’ll be real with y’all. When I went natural many many years ago, the first thing I did was throw out all my flat irons lol. Honestly, I wasn’t very good with straightening my hair anyway. When I decided to get my hair done, I did a lot of research. I searched on Facebook, Twitter, and finally found a stylist on Instagram that I loved. Her name is Antonia and she works at Honey Roots located in Richmond VA! Antonia was AMAZING. She was very knowledgeable about hair care, professional, on time, and a great person to talk to. I left the salon feeling brand new. If you’re in Richmond I definitely recommend going to Honey Roots(I’ll link the Instagram below). If you’re a professional when it comes to doing your own hair, I would suggest having a good quality blow dryer, flat iron, and heat protectant.

2. Wrap your hair. Ladies. I am the WORST at wrapping my hair. I hated this step when I was relaxed and still hate it to this day lol, but wrapping my hair every night definitely helped keep it straight. I used a baddie brush, a tiny bit of oil, and Bobby pins to keep everything in place. Believe me, I’m NOWHERE near an expert when it came to wrapping my hair, but the effort I put in didn’t go in vain. To keep the “feathered” look for the first week, I left my bang section out, wrapped my hair, and then either pin curled or used one yellow magnetic roller in the bang part.

3. Heat protectant/humidity spray. So before I got my hair done, I went to my local beauty supply store in search of....something. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, but I knew I needed some kind of spray for my hair to protect it from humidity and to give it some shine. I randomly picked up the Cream of Nature Anti Humidity Gloss & Shine Mist with ArganOil for about $6. I’ve used items in this particular line before and it wasn’t bad and smelled pretty good, so I figured why not. Y’all. This is my holy grail when it comes to straight hair now. Between this and wrapping my hair, I believe this was what really kept my hair straight and shiny. I would spray some on my fingers and use it before wrapping my hair and then again in the mornings when I brushed the wrap down.

Thats really it you guys. I just kept it super simple and made sure I protected my hair every night. I do think humidity has a huge part in it, so I would definitely suggest adding straightened hair to your winter time routine as opposed to spring or summer.

The salon I went to in Richmond is called Honey Roots and it’s located at 2608 Chamberlayne Ave. and Antonia did the service! They have loads of other stylists and a lash tech there as well. The Instagram page is @honeyroots_

let me know if you visit and what your experience was like!

xoxo Dana

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