• Dana Harrell

The Life of a Pre K Teacher

Hi loves and Happy Tuesday! While on my lunch break, I was thinking of what to post and that's when it hit me! Why not give some insight on what I do everyday and my schedule at work. I've been teaching Pre-Kindergarten for 4 years and I love teaching. I feel like a lot of people get into teaching because they think we sit around blowing bubbles and kissing kids all day. If you're reading this and thats what you think, then you are in for a treat lol. Early childhood teachers help mold little minds and I think that Preschool and Pre K are the most crucial years in a child's life. 

My particular schools open from 6:30am to 6:30pm and we are a year round school, meaning we don't get summers or a spring break off. We work around the clock and are only off for major holidays. My shift is from 7:30 to 4:30 but if you've ever worked in childcare, you know that your schedule is flexible. So when I arrive, I open my classroom, and greet the children as they arrive. They play in small centers at tables until 8:30am when I serve breakfast. At 9:10 I start my circle time, which is when we all sit on the carpet and start our day. I teach my kids the pledge of allegiance and a pledge to themselves and then we do different activities, like story time or flash cards depending on my lesson for the day/week. At 10:00 we do a learning activity at the table, based on my lesson plans and the day. Monday is math, Tuesday is literacy, Wednesday is science, Thursdayis social studies, and Friday is art .At 10:30 my class has a healthy morning snack of an apple or maybe a cheese stick and then we have our morning outside time. In the mornings,we also do our stretching and some small exercising. We come in and have lunch and then the kids take a nap from 12:30-2:30. During that time I'm usually on my lunch break but if I am still in my classroom, I use that time to clean the tables and floors, bathrooms, and make sure that everything in the classroom is nice and neat. When they wake up, they have an afternoon snack and then we have afternoon circle time as a quick refresher of what was learned earlier. After that circle time we go outside for the afternoon and then I let the kids have free play until they get picked up.

When reading it, it doesn't sound too bad, but teaching is a very demanding profession. Whatever is going on at home, gets brought to school and even though I work with younger kids, they are still able to pick up on feelings and things at home. Because I work with younger kids, I also take on the role of mother. Wiping faces, being nurse, handling problems and even counseling the parents at times. You're probably wondering where my planing time comes in. It doesn't lol Of course as teachers, we get a little time on the clock to get things done. The majority of my planning and work is done by me getting to work early, my lunch break, sating later to get something done, and even taking something home to work on. Like I said, it's not easy. But if you love children and you truly have a passion for teaching, it' all 100% worth it. 

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