• Dana Harrell

Types of SelfCare

Hey babes. This post is going to be super short but hopefully super helpful in giving you basic ideas of taking care of yourself. I've broken down self care into 8 types. Let me know your favorites down below!

Physical : Sleep, stretching, walking, physical release, yoga, rest

Emotional : Stress management, emotional maturity, forgiveness, compassion, kindness

Social : Boundaries, support systems, positive social media, communication, time together, asking for help

Spiritual : Time alone, meditation, yoga, connection, nature, journaling, sacred space

Personal : Hobbies, knowing yourself, personal identity, honoring your true self

Space : Safety, healthy living environment, security and stability, organized space

Financial : Saving, budgeting, money management, splurging, paying bills

Work : Time management, work boundaries, positive workspace, more learning, break time

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