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Wanderlust. A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. Summer is almost over and if you're anything like me, you love to travel; especially with your crew. I'm blessed to have such a supporting and loving group of friends who share the same mindset as me. W'ere always making plans to go somewhere and see a different part of the world. My 27th birthday is coming up and even though I'm not going too far away from home, I'm going to share a few packing tips that you can use. 

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1. Maximize your space. If you're road tripping , you can ultimately bring whatever you want without size restrictions, but you also want to be mindful of the space within the car. On car trips I usually pack my Victoria Secret Weekender tote and then a bigger purse. When flying, I like to pack using packing cubes like these cute pink packing cubes. I have the 7 piece set and it also came with a laundry bag to store your dirty clothes. Super easy and functional. 

2. Ziplocs and plastic wrap. I use this tip for both road trips and when I fly. I put all of my liquid products like my body wash and face wash into a gallon ziploc bag so that all of my liquids stay together. Un-screw the top, put a piece of plastic wrap or cling wrap over the top and screw the cap back. This will make it so your liquids don't spill and if there is a tiny leak, it'll be contained in your gallon bag.

3. Travel sized everything. Even when driving, I've found that most things are better travel sized. You can buy empty travel-sized bottles and a travel sized perfume holder, so you won't have to travel with a full bottle of perfume.

4. Always pack jeans and comfortable shoes. I don't care if you're going to Las Vegas in the middle of July. You NEVER know when you're going to need something covering your legs and comfortable packing shoes.

5. Pack a sweater and socks. Sometimes when your ride or fly, it gets cold.

6. OVER pack underwear. never know lol

7. Write your outfits out. I do this on every single trip and it's helped a lot. For example, if I'm traveling on a Monday, I'll write the date and what I outfit, day outfit, night outfit, pajamas. I do that for each day and check off once I've put that outfit in my suitcase. It's supposed to help me not overpack but let's be real...I always overpack lol.

8. Don't forget the essentials you're forgetting about. Cue sunscreen, bathing suit, camera, sunglasses, etc.

9. Carry cash. Now I'm not saying to walk around with $500 cash in your pocket, but I think it's a good idea  when traveling to have at least $50 in cash. Call me old-fashion if you want, but you'd be surprised at the places that still require cash.

10. My last and final tip is to set a travel notice. The worst feeling in the world is getting to your destination and trying to swipe your card to pay for your hotel and its declined because your bank thinks your card is compromised. Do yourself a favor and set that travel notice online or call. 

Those are my tips to a successful trip. I hope that these help you and happy traveling!

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