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Welcome to the Relaunch

Hi babes!

I am so excited to officially introduce you to the new blog. The switch from wordpress to wix has been easier than expected, and I adore this new layout (tell me what you think in the comments). There's been a lot of new and exciting projects I've been working on, which I'll share a little bit about.

If you've noticed, the blog is split into 3 main categories, Events, Hair, and Lifestyle. I've been trying to get my name out there in my community and in August, I started a monthly teen talk with some girls in my community. We meet at the library and each month www have a different topic/project and have snacks. From now on, I'll be blogging about those experiences and adding them to the event section.

Another event that I'm working on is my very first conference! I'm aiming for late September and I have 3 sponsors at the moment, but if you're interested in sponsoring for the venue or sponsoring some swag, send me an email.

The hair section will be all about hair updates, projects, and styles. The lifestyle section will be anything else that doesn't fit in the other two categories. Anything from product reviews to cooking ideas.

If you are reading this and you subscribe before midnight tonight (June 10th), you will have TWO entries for my relaunch giveaway. For those of you who subscribe by midnight on the 17th, you'll have ONE entry. There will be 2 winners. Now for the prizes. *I am a brand ambassador for Vanity Planet, but I am not receiving any compensation for this giveaway and am using my own money* Both winners will receive the Clay all Day 3 Mask bundle and a few other surpass goodies from me. Winners will be announced June 18th.

Good luck and welcome.

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